Beer Battered Fish Tacos & The Chelada

Summer is better effortless and a little messy. Let your hair down, get your toes in the sand, forget the makeup, embrace the post-work cocktail, and let that cilantro jalapeño crema run down your cheek.

Fish Tacos

These California fish tacos are messy (in the best possible way) and their cocktail sidekick, the chelada, is effortless. I’m excited to make them again, like woah.

Elizabeth and I had a little dinner party featuring these bad boys (kinda like the one with these bad boys). The summer evening light flooded the kitchen, and our cocktails in hand, we blasted the Salsa Fever Pandora station (pro tip), and we were ready to whip up what would be the best fish tacos I’ve ever had. You should absolutely throw this dinner party – people will hate you…for how awesome you are.


Let’s start with our totally effortless beer cocktail, shall we? (This one would also do!) Rim a pint glass with coarse salt, add a few cubes of ice, squeeze the juice of one lime in your glass, pour in your favorite light lager (we used Pacifico – just don’t use a flavorless light beer), give it a quick stir, and voila! a wonderfully refreshing and totally easy summer cocktail: The Chelada ladies and gentlemen.

Now here’s the deal with the tacos: there are tons of fun toppings all of which are optional, but highly encouraged – you do you. The only thing you MUST promise me you’ll make is the cilantro jalapeño crema. That’s a nonnegotiable. The crema is what sets these fish tacos apart from all the rest. It’s a crema revolution, get on board.

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Salty Dog G & T

Ok, don’t hate me. I know I promised you Mushroom & Pancetta Pasta with Whiskey Cream Sauce today, but that’s not what you’re gettin.

Goldie Locks & the Three Bears Cocktails

Goldie Locks & the Three Bears Cocktails

I made that in fall weather in Scotland, and it is definitely NOT fall here yet! Don’t let go of summer people! Here’s a little taste of my weekend at Virginia Beach last weekend where we cranked up the tunes, grilled veggies to tasty perfection, I managed to turn my skin from “fair” to “golden marshmallow” color, and we perfected this delicious cocktail.


Three kids just havin fun

Three kids just havin fun

Pirate Tim

Here’s what we did:

Salty Dog G & T

Measure into a tall glass  with ice:

-2 parts gin

-4 parts grapefruit juice (fresh if you can, otherwise just make sure you buy a good one!)

-the juice of half a lime

-a splash of tonic water

Stir and enjoy – soaking up summer before we fall into autumn ;)

French phrase for fun:

J’aime l’automne, mais j’aime les cocktails d’été mieux.
I love the fall, but I like summer cocktails better.