Black Bean Quinoa Enchilada Bake

Enchilada Bake


…oh, what’s that? You live in one of those states where you’ve been gloating about your fantastic, warm, sunny weather? Consider this my official revenge. I get to stay at home with a big brunch (read: slept in past breakfast) of pancakes and eggs, a roaring fire* and hot cocoa (sure to be spiked once we near the 5:00 hour…or 4:00, let’s be honest) baking up a storm and spending a lot of time basking in the glory that is a surprise day off, met with childlike joy.

Warning: I’m feeling very ADD today.

Did you know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow? My favorite reminders thus far have been the ads for House of Cards coming out tomorrow (genius, by the way), the Bad Romance spin class I did – heavy on the Alanis, and this gem from the Huffington Post.

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Stuffed & Baked Tomatoes

Stuffed & Baked Tomatoes

Guess why I smile a lot….Cause it’s worth it :)  Wise words from Marcel the shell (3:45 mark). It’s true, and I love to smile. Now admittedly, sometimes we all like to wallow in our sad situation – whether you got the worst hair cut, someone toyed with your heart, or work is crushing your soul – but then go for a run and/or scream, and then let it go (at least for the time being), and smile. I’m sure y’all know this, but even if you force a smile, you’ll feel less stressed and happier….it’s science. Click this link if you don’t believe me:  Even if you do believe me, click it anyway. Really, there’s quite the picture of a ginger on there. Frightening? Cute? We’re not sure. (I almost went with the Scientific American article, but it was just some average brunette smiling. This one is way better.)

Maybe it’s a chicken and egg situation with me normally. Unknown. But truthfully, when I’m frustrated or pissed off I actually have looked at myself and forced a smile. It absolutely helps.
Things that make me smile on the regs…

Quinoa Salad with Mango and Black Beans

Some wise British words from Downton Abbey for you to ponder:

  • On being female: “I’m a woman; I can be as contrary as I choose.”
  • On dating: “She thinks that if you put a toy down, it’ll still be sitting there when you want to play with it again.” …silly girl!
  • On dissing in the early 20th century: “At least I’m not fishing with no bait.” Oh snap, BURN.

And my British-ism? I’m really keen on this quinoa recipe! With the mango, green onion, black beans, and quinoa, it’s such a fun combination of flavors- sweet! salty! tangy! and it’s healthy too! Such a party in your mouth! :) (You don’t have to tell anyone it vegan if that’s gonna scare them off, but it’s sooooooooooo yummy I just might shout it from the rooftops!) Try it!

**French phrase for fun!

Ma colocataire français m’a rendue visite cette semaine!

My french roommate visited me this week!