Lemon Rosemary Pound Cake


Looking for baking inspiration on a rainy day, I was thumbing through some of my favorite cookbooks when I remembered that I just recently unpacked my grandmother’s recipe file. It’s truly a thing of beauty.


The pages are lightly browned with age and falling out, the torn tabs range from “_heese and Egg Di__es” to “Pies and Pastri__,” and all the while my grandmother’s perfect script rolls across the pages. Magazine and newspaper clippings are tattered and falling out from behind their dividers. The advertisements from her magazine recipes make me smile — with a grinning 50’s housewife and lines like, “Everyone loves you when you bake cookies,” and “Sweet treats with marshmallows please everyone.” And of course, there’s a …keep reading…

Zucchini Cream Cheese Pound Cake

I thought I was only going to have time for one new recipe this week what with the craziness of moving and all, but as it turns out, I had access to a big, beautiful, well-stocked kitchen for the WHOLE weekend! :D Every girl’s dream, right? …Well mine at least!

So I made a celebratory Zucchini Cream Cheese Pound Cake with a brown sugar cream cheese frosting. It was a delight! :) Rich, yet deceptively light because of the zucchini and tang from the cream cheese. If it didn’t have the frosting it would have been a perfect dessert-breakfast crossover cake…but I didn’t let that stop me! :D Hey, don’t give me judgy eyes, I had it along side a healthy smoothie, and it was goooooood!

**French phrase for fun!

Règle cardinale, ne mettez pas le glaçage sur un gâteau tiède sauf si c’est déjà 22h30 et les gens ont besoin de dessert. 

Cardinal rule, don’t frost a warm cake unless it’s already 10:30 and people neeeeeed dessert.