Spaghetti Squash Bake with Kabocha Cream Sauce and Sausage


I haven’t been this excited about a dinner in a long time. I will never be able to turn away from the temptation of the first winter squash to appear in the market. The fall and winter in my kitchen see a constant supply of acorn, butternut, delicata, and spaghetti squash. And while I did just make walnut pumpkin bread at the very first whiff of fall, I always prefer savory squash dishes like soup, curry, and risotto.


Now, I have made many a spaghetti squash bake in my time, but friends, this is my pièce de la résistance. Sure, heavy cream doesn’t hurt its ranking, but …keep reading

Vegan Cream of Broccoli and Kale Soup

Soup soup soup soup soup soup.

Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup

I have somethin’ on the mind. Polar Vortex or not, soup is always a good idea. It’s the original one-dish-wonder; it’s comforting; it’s healthy; I could eat it for days. And anyone who’s seen my bouillabaisse pot knows that I’m not lying….that thing can hold 30 cups. Yeah, I mean business when I make soup.

Oh, and not that anyone has made a New Years Resolution around this subject, but this soup would be great to balance out the tin of cookies and quart of spiked eggnog we consumed a couple weeks ago. And by “we,” clearly I mean “I,” and I totally don’t regret it. I am, however, making a lot of soup this month.

The best part about this soup is that Don’t stop! Keep reading…

Kale Chips

Maybe mumsy was on to something, things can totally be simple and easy. For instance, say you randomly agree to lead a scavenger hunt, then you see an executive pastry chef bring in a beautiful cake at the museum where the hunt is, and you think, well this could be a little awkward, but what the heck, I’m gonna go for it, and you talk to her about a potential pastry internship and if that sort of thing exists. And guess what! It does! And I got her card! I just might find me a pastry internship yet!!! :D

So apparently sometimes things are just as simple as saying hi. Sometimes you just need some simple in your life, simple like these little beauties. I made Kale Chips! So easy and so yummy and healthy too!! :)

Heat your oven to 275. Toss kale with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, smokey paprika, and a little crushed red pepper. Bake them for 30 minutes, then turn the oven off and leave them in there for another ~30 (try one out to make sure it’s crispy, crunchy deliciousness, and adjust baking time and seasoning accordingly) Then enjoy your bowl full of crispy, salty goodness! Simple! :)