Apple Thyme Shrub Cocktail

I flick apples in the produce section. I get the occasional eyebrow raise my direction, but I always end up with the crunchiest, crispest apples. The higher pitch the apple makes, the crunchier the fruit. I don’t compromise here, so I’ll happily endure the raised eyebrows. A good fall apple should be bright in flavor and almost brittle like kettle-cooked potato chips.

Apple thyme shrub cocktail

Apples bring back a flood of memories of gallivanting through an apple orchard in Virginia with my family and our close family friends. The rows were littered with half-eaten apples discarded only to sample another variety until our bellies could fit no more….that is, until we were presented with hot apple fritters and fresh-pressed apple cider back at the farm store.

I recently concocted a drink that captures that sweet, bright, tart burst of flavor in an autumn apple. The trick? Keep reading…

Summer in a Glass: The Cherry Lemonade Cooler

I’ve been whipping up cocktails basically every week this summer. Until this cherry lemonade cooler, the highlights have been this one and this one. Summer cocktails are simply the best. Don’t get me wrong, fall cocktails will have their time to shine (because the fun can’t just stop in September), but the fresh sweet and tart flavors that you can get from all that gorgeous summer fruit is irreplaceable.

Cherry lemon cocktail

This cherry lemonade cooler transports you to a beautiful place. That place (either mentally or physically) should be under a palm tree next to the pool, or barefoot in a garden at twilight. The bold cherry flavor shines thrice in this cocktail – in the simple syrup, muddled into your glass, and as a snack/garnish… You know how I love it when my drinks come with SNACKS.

I like my cocktails on the tart side, so I went heavy-handed on the …keep reading!

Salty Dog G & T

Ok, don’t hate me. I know I promised you Mushroom & Pancetta Pasta with Whiskey Cream Sauce today, but that’s not what you’re gettin.

Goldie Locks & the Three Bears Cocktails

Goldie Locks & the Three Bears Cocktails

I made that in fall weather in Scotland, and it is definitely NOT fall here yet! Don’t let go of summer people! Here’s a little taste of my weekend at Virginia Beach last weekend where we cranked up the tunes, grilled veggies to tasty perfection, I managed to turn my skin from “fair” to “golden marshmallow” color, and we perfected this delicious cocktail.


Three kids just havin fun

Three kids just havin fun

Pirate Tim

Here’s what we did:

Salty Dog G & T

Measure into a tall glass  with ice:

-2 parts gin

-4 parts grapefruit juice (fresh if you can, otherwise just make sure you buy a good one!)

-the juice of half a lime

-a splash of tonic water

Stir and enjoy – soaking up summer before we fall into autumn ;)

French phrase for fun:

J’aime l’automne, mais j’aime les cocktails d’été mieux.
I love the fall, but I like summer cocktails better.