Egg Drop Soup

Egg Drop Soup

Things you should be doing this weekend:

-IMMEDIATELY WATCH THIS VIDEO: Shirtless acrobats dance for pope. How did I not know this existed?! I absolutely died. Habemus papam! (Thanks Dmell.)

-Buy and consume Irish soda bread (my absolute fave), look for a four-leaf clover, and drink a Guiness and/or Baileys…let’s be real, we’re selecting the “and” there. Own it. Embrace it.

-Think of three outrageous things (that you can’t completely control) to put on your weekend checklist. Context: something ridiculously awesome just happened to me, and I thought, “Wow, that would’ve seriously been the coolest thing to check off my list.” Now I’m adding some random things for funsies. For example, for St. Paddy’s day I’ve just added:

1. High-five a ginger, and say “Stay strong”…we need the encouragement sometimes.

2. Have a drink with someone in a top hat. You should buy, buuuut if they insist ;)

3. The first fiddle song you hear, go ask a stranger to dance.

Stirring in the eggs

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