Triple Ginger Cookies

This post was going to be all about the mouth-watering jalapeño-watermelon gazpacho I made last week, but that recipe now feels two months too late. At last, it’s autumn….even if it doesn’t quite feel like it yet.

ginger snaps

I’ve been helping with the harvest on a vineyard for the past week and a half, and while it can be blazing hot out in the field, once you pass midday, a cool wind starts up, and the handful of leaves already changing color makes you eager for the coming months.

Autumn means so many beautiful things – amber-colored leaves that shatter under your footsteps, a cool breeze that demands retrieval of one of those scarves you’ve pushed to the back of your closet, switching your coffee order from iced back to hot, and – possibly most importantly – turning on your oven without sweating bullets.  And hey, you may have to slowly dig out your sweaters, but you still get to wear your sunnies!

What to whip up to celebrate the changing of the seasons?

Triple ginger cookies

Enter: Triple Ginger Cookies.

These cookies felt a little premature given that I had to

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Pancakes, Chocolate Cake, and Biscuits, oh my!


Coming to you live from a humid back porch in Florida, I have a few of my favorite old blog recipes for you! Since I’m always making one new recipe a week, I rarely remake recipes, so this week provided the perfect opportunity for me to revisit some for my family’s sake….They always look at my blog from afar, so it’s not often that they get to sample my cooking these days. Like these guys – Gpa and mi hermano :)
Gpa and hermano

I did manage to make two new recipes this week: Butter Pecan Cookies and Joy the Baker’s Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies. They were a welcome addition to my Christmas cookie line-up for both my family and for Santa – particularly because they come with an ice-cold glass of homemade eggnog (made with four different liquors ;)

I made my famous Buttermilk Pancakes for our annual Christmas Eve pancake decorating contest. We used to use a boxed mix for the pancakes and we also used to go with basic designs that took maybe ten minutes to put together, tops. Needless to say, we’ve upped our game significantly…

I also revisited the divine Double Coffee Chocolate Cake recipe for a Christmas dessert show-stopper! This cake is incredibly, seriously, insanely moist and the frosting makes it extra decadent. Hey, why not? It’s Christmas.

And last, but certainly not least, I whipped up these wonderfully flakey and delicate biscuits for a big family breakfast this mornin! Because guess what!…I got biscuit cutters for Christmas. Woohoo! :D

Enjoy these quality blog throw-backs! We sure did.

French phrase for fun:
J’ai fait du kayak avec les lamantins cette semaine!
I went kayaking with manatees this week!

P.S.- this is a real Christmas decoration in Florida. ‘Merica!


Spiced Molasses Cookies


It’s the time of cookies and decorating trees and thousands of Santas flooding the streets. I’m sure I mentioned this, but this is when my cartoon self comes out in full force :) So many things make me happy….a few examples: the fluffiest hat you’ve EVER seen, cutting snowflakes with Caitlyn (fyi, “cheating” with patterns you find online is really the way to go if you don’t want your flake to look like the, “aaaaall the snowflakes are beautiful, Katie!”), the smell of Christmas trees, and ridiculous Christmas decorations (stay tuned later in the post for all the photographic evidence).

**NOTE: If you think I’m crazy in my oh-so-excited state (hint, usually accompanied by a “Eeeeeeeeeeeee!”), just laugh, give me a hug, and tell me I’m cute.


The roomies and I went up to New York City for Santacon! Literally thousands of Santas and elves flooding the streets. Shenaniganry cannot not ensue. That’s right, double negative. (I needed to make sure you read that sentence.) This epic event began with an early morning party including a veritable mountain of bagels, mimosas, and coffee (Bailey’s optional). And because a girl always wants to bring something to contribute to the party, I brought these delightfully chewy, spiced molasses cookies…although they didn’t make it out of their hiding place in the kitchen and into the party, but they’re so yummy, I guess I can’t really blame Santa.

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Brown Sugar Cookies

Someone asked me this week what my go-to comfort food is, and I feel like if I sat down to run through a list of all of the wonderful foods that make me happy, I might come up with a list including: baked pasta, divine cheese fries, my Mom’s summer fruit cobbler, or the strawberry ice cream I make with my Granddaddy. But you know the first thing that immediately popped into my head?…Grits! Now, obviously this post isn’t about a big bowl of delicious grits that I made, but I want to make sure that they get a good plug from me. Grits are hot, salty, and luxuriously creamy – I just love them. It must be the Southern roots in my family, and the fact that I grew up with them. So there are three take-aways from this:

  1. Grits are delicious.
  2. If you’ve never had grits, you need to try some stat (preferably from a good southern restaurant or a fabulous church lady).
  3. They really make me think of my childhood.

And that’s what brings us to these lovely treats you see here!

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Chocolate Fudge White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Occasionally (albeit rarely) I have a day where I just need to run something out. Maybe for you it’s blasting music or crafting pj pants or paintballing (even though you may not have medical insurance)…hopefully it doesn’t come to punching a wall, but you get the idea. Well here’s a handy suggestion next time this day hits you in the face…BAKE IT OUT, BABY. Turn on some tunes, and just bake. Zone out, eat several spoonfuls of cookie dough, then look at this FANTASTIC website (click here, now!) while you’re waiting for your yummy goodness to emerge from the oven, and then enjoy the chocolately, fudgey, creamy, nutty cookies you just made!

These little gems you see here are Chocolate Fudge White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies!!! I adapted the recipe from Joy the Baker’s cookbook, and they were pretty frickin goooood, you might even say soul-curing :)

**French phrase for fun…

“And now I say unto you in the words of my uncle…ALLER CUISINE!”