Browned Butter Coffee Cake

It’s been a wonderful start to fall! I hope yours has been equally magical.

I’m finally settled into my new place in Nor Cal. Hooray! I’ve started an amazing job working crazy hours in a bakery. I’ve been exploring my new city, and I’m LOVING being back in California.

…I can’t stress that enough. I’ve lived all over the world, and nowhere makes me feel more at home than this state and the wonderful people here.

Brown Butter Coffee Cake

Also, I’ve made fast friends with my roommate’s cat, Cliff…he’s pretty adorable and very snugly, so he’ll be making the occasional appearance on here. I hope you’re cool with cats. Either way, you’d be cool with Cliff, promise.

In addition to cat, fall has been filled with late night croissants, the glorious return of my yellow bouillabaisse pot out of the depths of packed boxes, a beautiful new kitchen, and browned butter. Butter. Browned. Until it’s nutty and turns into dreams.

Best Coffee Cake recipe

I had a craving for butter coffee cake recently, and decided it would be silly to

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Double Coffee Chocolate Cake

Double coffee chocolate cake

Everyone deserves a celebration on his or her life anniversary – preferably one that involves birthday cake (or birthday pie if that’s your thing). Last week, we celebrated one of my oldest and best friend’s start of another year. She’s beautiful and funny, smart and reliable; I’m always in good hands with her :) And possibly most importantly, she really appreciates a good dessert – which happens to make my home one of the best test kitchens around.

Birthday candles

This year, I think I may have achieved one of the best cakes I’ve ever made (currently in competition with this one) but definitely the best I’ve ever decorated. I don’t want to brag, but I’m gonna: I may have had a few people ask where I bought the cake :D (…one of the ways to my heart – right up there with a native French speaker asking where in France I’m from. Yesssss.)

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Dreamy Sunday Breakfast

I love having a free, lazy-designated Sunday morning. Sundays were made for big breakfasts and lounging by the pool with an ice-cold drink or reading a good book in a rocking chair on a fabulous wrap-around porch (obviously both if you’re lucky enough). Usually my Sunday breakfasts involve pancakes and/or a giant veggie scramble with THE coffee mug…you know which one I’m talking about – there’s one in every coffee-centric household – the one that is basically the size of your head. Fill it twice. I digress.

On a Sunday when I wake up feeling pretty (probably because I finally got the appropriate amount of sleep) and I’m feeling extra lux, I’ll make something faaaancy! This time it was the Baked Coffee Cake French Toast that I’ve been pining after in the Joy the Baker cookbook. Oh! Mah! Goooodness! It was divine. I diverged from the recipe a little (surprise!), but I took stale buttermilk bread, soaked it in a dreamy custard (eggs, milk, vanilla, sug, and ~1T. instant coffee) and then coverd it in a sweet streusel topping (brown sug, cinnamon, butter, flour, salt and a little more instant coffee). Bake the whole pan in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes, allow your entire house to fill with the sweet smell of cinnamon, sugar, and butter. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Then enjoy your beeeaaaautiful Sunday! :D

**French phrase for fun!

J’aime trop les dimanches paresseux.

I love lazy Sundays.