Apple Tarte Tatin

Apples galore!

Even though each place I’ve lived has a special place in my heart, I think California will always feel like home. It’s a pretty darned magical place. I love it. Now, that said, there’s something California doesn’t have, and that would be real seasons. Namely fall (in the fall, not in January). If you’re like me, you love fall for more reasons than you can count, many of which are found in this fantastic article from The Onion:,29866/

Tarte Tatin

Fall has its stereotypical schmaltzy things just like summer has cocktails on patios and trips to the beach and winter has curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and bundling up to frolic in the snow. Fall has pumpkin carving, (and pumpkin-flavored everything, like this curry), crunching leaves, and of course, apple-picking. Well, I already drank the pumpkin Kool-Aid. Even though I haven’t busted out my flannel, boots, and scarves yet, I’ve already Don’t stop! Keep reading…