Ode To The Heart Of An Artichoke

Ode To The Heart Of An Artichoke

a poem written just for me! by Granddaddy Dale

Deep in its self
Calm and serene,
At peace with the world
Its splendor unseen.

Protected by ‘choke’
Removed so to eat,
Voilà la coeur,
C’est magnifique!!

Try to tell me you’ve read a better poem, and you’re a liar! How great is that?!?!?! :D :D :D

(And an adorable artichoke for you! The very first in our California garden!!)

Snuggling up with a nice beer…can we make that a saying?? :)

Pots de Crème au Chocolat

So what does one do on a night in with a friend who deserves a delicious chocolaty treat after a long week and only 15 minutes to make it happen?…one makes pots de crème au chocolat à la Pioneer Woman. 

We had a wine and chocolate night, and let me tell you, these little treats were divine. They were really rich, and verrrrry chocolicious. Everyone LOVED them but no one could finish theirs…except me. Wow. Yeah, I went there. No, come on, how could I?! Please, let’s not be silly. But, ya, I’m a little embarrassed, cause that may have actually happened.

ohhhhhh man, just look at that though! Mmmm!

But in all honesty, I think it was a little too rich. Maybe I’m just a mousse kinda girl. And instead of vanilla extract, I used crème de cocoa (chocolate liquor), and didn’t bother with the cream. I think I’ll try it next time with another egg white and a little more crème de cocoa to lighten it a bit, but here’s the original post from The Pioneer Woman.

**And if you’d like a new French sentence…

J’ai mal au cou, mais c’est une belle journée à DC!

My neck is killing me, but it’s a beautiful day in DC!


The Onion Makes the World a Better Place

This is why I LOVE The Onion. Doesn’t that make your Valentine’s Day better?! But really, what’s not to love about the day, come on, it’s a day with lots of candy for all, yummy food, and in my case some quality action movies. So embrace the love – especially the love of a friend, perhaps a dog, and definitely some CHOCOLATE! :D

And in the wise words of Charles M Schultz, “All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” (…now, go have it NOW!)

I secretly love collective nouns

A “gaggle” of girls (or geese!) and a “murder” of crows are my two favorites, BUT did you know you say a “stud” of horses, a “clowder” of cats, a “parliament” of owls, and a “sloth” of bears?!?!

Wild, I know. Take that to your next trivia night! (or if you’re like me, just throw it out there as often as possible…because you can.)

Too bad there’s just one of him, but we can’t have sloths running amok in cities, now can we?

The 2011 Recipe-a-Week Winners

Is it still a New Year’s resolution if you’ve kept it going for 13 months? Well, since I had so much success in France last year, I’ve decided to continue my resolution of making one new recipe every week (hopefully technically challenging, although we all have days that need “slutty brownies” – more later on that).

BUT FIRST, the 2011 winners: 

In the savory category…

Gnocchi from scratch with Annie in her lovely Dijon apartment!

Like little pillows of HEAVEN. Seriously, you need to make your own gnocchi stat. Worth it.

And in the sweet category…

A fabulous chocolate ganache chocolate shortbread tarte! (From Dorie Greenspan)

ohhh sweet baby Jesus, that tarte was to die for. With just a little dollop of sweetened whipped cream on top and the rich, yet crumbly shortbread, oh, and the oh-so-velvety ganache filling. I had people profess their love to me after eating this tarte.