Chess Pie

Hi there! Long time no see. We got a puppy; his name is Crunchwrap Supreme. Crunch(y) for short. Yes, after the Taco Bell culinary breakfast delight — of which I’ve only had two or three — but relish in the silliness of the name and the reactions we get on walks and in dog parks. Let me tell you, he lives up to the name on all fronts.

Of course he’s adorable and I absolutely bust out photos of him when people haven’t even asked, but we’re here to talk pie. Chess pie. And Crunchwrap is here for it too.

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Pluot Galette

Pluot Galette Fold

I have a small confession. I don’t looooove plums. (Read: I would never purchase plums, but I suppose if you serve them for dessert, I’ll eat one.) It’s really the pit and juice combo that gets me. They don’t release their pit easily – they hold on for dear life and get juice all over your mouth and arms in the process. It’s a struggle. I’ll struggle for artichokes, mangoes, and pomegranates but not for plums. Not worth it.

Sliced summer fruit galette

My guy recently bought pluots…a whole bag of pluots. To me, pluots seem like a terrible idea, because they’ve taken the splendid little sweet and tart apricot and made it worse with a juicier, sweeter flesh and a pit that won’t quit. What to do with an entire bag of these little jerks?

Slice of plum galette

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Bourbon Molasses Pumpkin Pie

Bourbon Molasses Pumpkin Pie

Let’s talk turkey. And by turkey, I mean pie. Last week we continued the annual tradition of Friends-giving at our apartment with the tiny kitchen that really should only have one…mayyyybe two people in it at any given time. But hey, you work with what ya got, right? This is the sort of thing that forces one to learn to prep ahead of time.

Confession: I didn’t even used to read all the way through a recipe before starting it; which, as we all know, can catch us unawares as we start cooking, only to realize that the dough has to chill for TWO HOURS until you can get any further in the recipe. So guess what? I totally Don’t stop! Keep reading…

Mexican Chocolate Cream Pie

Chocolate Pie

You wouldn’t think I needed another rejuvenating California fix after my recent trip to LA, but I did. I went to San Francisco for ten days last week and just about died I was so incredibly happy and relaxed.

I got to explore more of the city and a lot of the East Bay. I got to go north to Muir Woods to breathe in that amazing redwood scent and to Stinson beach to dig my feet in the sand while enjoying a picnic with one of my favorite people in the world. I got to spend the whole time with some of my closest friends from high school and college. I got to relax, bake, and go running and hiking; I got to try some pretty freakin’ outstanding restaurants and some trendy SF bars.

Chocolate Cream Pie

I feel so lucky. Oh, and I also made a Mexican Chocolate Cream Pie. Yeahhhh :)  But first, here’s a look into my California time…


The theme of the week :)


Dolores Park

Dolores Park

Jack Kerouac

Muir Woods

Muir Woods

Don’t stop! There’s more…

Apple Tarte Tatin

Apples galore!

Even though each place I’ve lived has a special place in my heart, I think California will always feel like home. It’s a pretty darned magical place. I love it. Now, that said, there’s something California doesn’t have, and that would be real seasons. Namely fall (in the fall, not in January). If you’re like me, you love fall for more reasons than you can count, many of which are found in this fantastic article from The Onion:,29866/

Tarte Tatin

Fall has its stereotypical schmaltzy things just like summer has cocktails on patios and trips to the beach and winter has curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and bundling up to frolic in the snow. Fall has pumpkin carving, (and pumpkin-flavored everything, like this curry), crunching leaves, and of course, apple-picking. Well, I already drank the pumpkin Kool-Aid. Even though I haven’t busted out my flannel, boots, and scarves yet, I’ve already Don’t stop! Keep reading…

Mmmm Berry Pie

Raspberry Pie

This past week in my tizzy of what I’m foolishly calling a “quarter life crisis,” I decided to do some things that just felt good. No matter how you week is shaping up, I highly recommend you do at least one of the following things:

1. Go for a long run – always clears my head and makes me feel good. But please, please run on the grass – not the concrete – save your knees! Please! I feel like a grandma, but really, this is a good one to keep in mind :)
2. Treat yourself – latte…2% milk. Yeah.
3. Skype with that friend who you deeply miss. They will always make you smile and she’ll probably have a great story for you. And then you’ll realize that the two of you should probably be talking several times a week. (Get on the 10 minute conversation train! The closer I am to someone, the more often I call them, and it’s usually for just a quick “hello” or “oh my gosh, I just saw a tiny fluffy puppy being pushed in a stroller, and you had to know that immediately.”)
4. Have some alone time.
5. Make a lattice pie! It’s so easy and looks so fancy!
Seriously, this recipe was a piece of pie….That’s how that saying goes, right?
Raspberry Pie


It’s my blog-iversary! :D :D :D I’ve made it a whole year on Le Petit Artichaut! (That’s pronounced “luh puh-tite ar-tee-show” just in case you’ve been wanting to kill me for that blog title :) And I’m SO excited. I don’t care if you’re sleepy/hungover/want-to-kill-your-boss right now, jump up and down with me like this!… It’ll be like my brother said:
“Talking with you when I am this tired and when you are your normal, energetic self is like being hungover and having the blinds flung open and then every item in my room coming to life and singing a show-stopping Disney musical number.”
Chef Katie
…except more fun. So I started after much encouragement from fellow blogger and best friend, Tim, as well as others who simply loved the idea. It’s been a fun, and I’ve loved all of it. Things we’ve learned:
-Blogging is best done on a lazy Friday morning/afternoon (let’s be real, I sleep in on my days off)
-Blogging is also best accompanied with a big omelette and French press coffee
-I’m a HUGE sucker for comments on my blog posts ;) **Hint**Hint**
-There is such a thing as too much cinnamon
-Don’t mess with web coding unless you have a trusty computer geek by your side (thanks Liz!)
-And of course, spread the love and joy of living :)
And he we gooooooo!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! Your TOP recipes of this past year are…