Sweet Potato and Roasted Broccoli Toasts

La mujer bebe vino. ¡Tú comes mi pato! …how rude! Aprendo español: I’m learning Spanish…from an owl in a smoking jacket with a monocle. (Haven’t learned how to say that latter part yet.) And I’m only three more gems away from the champagne tracksuit outfit. Yes, I heard it.

Broccoli toasts

He’s just so darned cute. I started by testing out of all of the beginning French, feeling like a boss, and then I decided my time would be better spent learning Spanish. French is so beautiful and I will always love it, but there’s just something about Spanish – it’s fun. You get to roll the Rs and sound outraged in a comedic fashion. ¡FLIPO EN COLORES!

If you’re interested in joining me on this adventure, it’s and app called Duolingo. I’m fully aware that the owl in formal attire cannot be rivaled, but does anyone have any other good ones I should check out? And if you’re up for even more fun today, you should head on over to Fiesta Friday for some great recipes by other wildly entertaining (silly? outrageous?) food bloggers.

Sweet potato and roasted broccoli toasts

My long-time French and foodie buddy, Elizabeth, and I had fun brushing up on our French breezing through the beginners’ French earlier this week while we made these Sweet Potato and Roasted Broccoli Toasts. It sounds like a surprising combination, and I’m here to tell you that it was. But Bon Appétit rarely leads me astray. We boiled the sweet potatoes in citrus juice and water along with a jalapeño until soft, so you can mash it up. Meanwhile, you roast up some broccoli in a simple combo of olive oil, salt, pepper, and cayenne until it gets nice and browned. That gets chopped up and tossed together with chopped toasted almonds and pine nuts (luxury!…really, have you seen the price on pine nuts?!), lemon, and mint. Spread the sweet potato on some really nice crusty bread and top with the broccoli mixture. Serious eats!

Here’s what we did:

Sweet Potato and Roasted Broccoli Toasts

*adapted from Bon Appetit

Preheat the oven to 425°.

For the sweet potato mash
Peel and dice into 1” pieces:
1 extra-large sweet potato

Dice, including ribs and seeds:
-1 jalapeño

Add the sweet potatoes and jalapeño to a small pot with:
-1 c. water
-½ cup fresh orange juice

With the lid on, bring the sweet potato mixture to a boil and then reduce the heat to medium and simmer for about 20 minutes. When the sweet potatoes are soft, remove from the heat, and mash with a masher or a fork. (If you have a lot of liquid left, drain most of it and add it back as needed until a spreadable consistency is reached.)

While that is cooking, prepare the broccoli mixture.

Broccoli topping
Cut into florets:
-1 large head of broccoli

Toss the broccoli on a baking sheet with:
-olive oil (about 2 Tbs.)
-½ tsp. cayenne pepper

Roast the broccoli until browned and tender, 15-20 minutes. Remove from the oven and give the broccoli a rough chop.

Toss in a medium bowl:
-the roasted broccoli
-1/3 c. toasted almonds, chopped
– ¼ c. toasted pine nuts, chopped
-2 Tbs. chopped mint
-juice of 1½ lemons (about 2 Tbs.)
-salt and pepper to taste

Toast drizzled with olive oil:
-6 slices of good crusty whole wheat bread, sliced ¾” thick

To assemble, spread the sweet potato mixture to cover the bread and top with the broccoli mixture. Top with:
-freshly shredded parmesan

If you’re making this a meal like we did, help yo’self to a big slice, or cut into small squares for a fun appetizer. Serve hot, and enjoy!

DuolingoFrench phrase for fun:
J’apprends l’espagnol!
I’m learning Spanish!


12 thoughts on “Sweet Potato and Roasted Broccoli Toasts

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  2. Yum sounds scrumptious! Good luck with your language learning, I’m currently trying to learn Turkish and I’ll have to check out that app you mentioned

  3. Me encanta hablar en Español! Esto se ve delicioso! Thanks for coming to the Fiesta and making it all fun for us. You didn’t tell us what outfit you have on. Apparently I’ve made quite an impression as the abominable snowman.

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