The Gin Sour

Gin Sour Board

We’re finally here! We’re on the spring-summer boarder. That means it’s dress season, and in my particular case?…Dress vs. yoga ball season. Seriously, have you ever tried to sit on a yoga ball in a dress? I’m sure most of you haven’t, but lemme tell ya, it takes incredible finesse. (It’s hard enough when I have a case of the Mondays – this is a whole new level.) But really, it’s a small challenge to overcome for all the beautiful, unearthed summer dresses that are in my future.

Another highlight of this time of year – in DC? The influx of bedazzled Obama apparel. It’s so ridiculous and over the top that I just love it. You can’t tell in this light, but that jacket is covered entirely in rhinestones. Rhinestones  :)

Obama Jacket

Other than noticing silly Obama apparel with my trained eagle eye and wrestling my yoga ball at work, this summer I have high hopes of figuring out this fancy pants camera…my Everest:

Nikon D70

I’ll also be hiking, headed out to California and a few other places, eating lunch in the park, going to the farmers markets, making salads, aaaaaand…

I think we can all agree: one of the very best parts of summer is the cocktail-making and enjoying that will be had. My mother taught me well starting with expertly crafted mojitos by the pool in California (recipe coming to you later this summer!). On rooftops, on patios, by the pool, and in gardens with live music. It’s a joyous time. If you live in DC, you’re in luck, because I have two fantastic resources for you on this subject thanks to my lovely roommate, Meg! Perhaps we’ll run into each other there?! I would love that.

I highly encourage you to search for a similar thing in your neighborhood, and until then, embrace lovely summer cocktails beginning with this forgotten, simple summer cocktail: the Gin Sour.

The Gin Sour

Here’s what I did:

Gin Sour

Heat in a small pot on high heat until all the granules are dissolved:

-1 c. sugar

-1 c. water

Once that is all melted together, take it off the heat and let it cool. That’s your simple syrup.

Mix together in a shaker:

-1 part simple syrup

-1 part FRESHLY squeezed lemon juice

-2 parts gin

Stir with lots of ice and pour into your glass with a lemon twist for a garnish. Enjoy!

**French phrase for fun:

Es-tu prêt(e) pour la saison printemps-été?!…Un cocktail t’aideras.

Are you ready for the spring-summer season?! A cocktail will help.

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