It’s my blog-iversary! :D :D :D I’ve made it a whole year on Le Petit Artichaut! (That’s pronounced “luh puh-tite ar-tee-show” just in case you’ve been wanting to kill me for that blog title :) And I’m SO excited. I don’t care if you’re sleepy/hungover/want-to-kill-your-boss right now, jump up and down with me like this!… It’ll be like my brother said:
“Talking with you when I am this tired and when you are your normal, energetic self is like being hungover and having the blinds flung open and then every item in my room coming to life and singing a show-stopping Disney musical number.”
Chef Katie
…except more fun. So I started after much encouragement from fellow blogger and best friend, Tim, as well as others who simply loved the idea. It’s been a fun, and I’ve loved all of it. Things we’ve learned:
-Blogging is best done on a lazy Friday morning/afternoon (let’s be real, I sleep in on my days off)
-Blogging is also best accompanied with a big omelette and French press coffee
-I’m a HUGE sucker for comments on my blog posts ;) **Hint**Hint**
-There is such a thing as too much cinnamon
-Don’t mess with web coding unless you have a trusty computer geek by your side (thanks Liz!)
-And of course, spread the love and joy of living :)
And he we gooooooo!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! Your TOP recipes of this past year are…


#3: Banana Coconut Cream Pie It’s so creamy and dreamy! And so fabulously southern. I love it.

Banana Coconut Cream Pie

#2: Coffee Birthday Cake So dark and rich. I have dreams about that coffee butter cream frosting. Make it for the coffee lover in your life.
Coffee Birthday Cake
#1: Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Macarons The pièce de la résistance. My Everest for so long. They’re delicate little cookies with a sinful center – salted caramel is heaven.
Salted Caramel Macarons


#3: Cinnamon Cidercane Stranded during the hurricane, we made this tasty autumn cocktail!

Cidercane Cocktail
#2: Suzanne’s Lemon Thyme My mom’s birthday cocktail with a beautiful thyme and lemon simple syrup to balance out the gin perfectly :)
Suzanne's Lemon Thyme
#1: The 712 Cocktail Aaaaand THE 712. Delicious. A refreshing and surprising combo of ingredients.
The 712 Cocktail


#3: Pumpkin Shrimp Curry A wonderfully warming fall curry. I went on quite a curry kick this year! :)

Pumpkin Shrimp Curry
#2: Homemade Garlic Herb Bread There’s nothing like homemade bread. My mom has always said, “If there’s one thing for you to perfect, it should be bread.” Seriously, I decided a couple of years ago that if Heaven were to have just one scent, it would smell like a French bakery…largely due to all of those baguettes. This bread takes a different twist with the garlic and herbs – nothing to hate there.
Garlic Herb Bread
#1: Creamy Corn & Leek Soup Perhaps a surprise? But honestly, there was absolutely no being modest for me on this one. I may or may not have declared myself a cooking goddess after I made this soup. It’s bursting with flavor with all of those fresh farmer’s market ingredients and the cashew cream makes it so luxurious.
Creamy Corn & Leek Soup
*French phrase for fun!

Voilà, mes recettes préférées de l’année. Joyeux anniversaire à moi!
Voila, my favorite recipes of the year. Happy anniversary to me! :D

And I’m going to leave you with a smile :) Two from Post Secret and one from my time in Lyon… 

laugh lines

7 thoughts on “Blog-iversary!!!!!!!!

  1. I LOVE IT! Totally agree with every one of your top three’s. And obviously my approval is crucial. Can we make ALL of these ALL over again?? :)

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