Professor Plum Cocktail

Another rainy day recently in New York City was met with the same solution we had on our hurricane days….A delicious seasonal cocktail makes everything wonderful. New York in the fall is wonderful. The one rainy day aside, I spent an entire afternoon wandering around the city’s cute (and sometimes hippster) neighborhoods with Rosie, and I absolutely loved it! We went around Greenwich Village, SoHo, the Meatpacking District, Tribeca, and Chelsea. Take a look…

These guys were freaking AWESOME.





And to top off a glorious day, I was treated to a fantastic fall cocktail creation, “Professor Plum with the Wrench.” It was a bourbon drink with muddled plums. The brown sugar gives it a sweet warmth and the lemon brightens it up just enough to balance out the plums.
Here’s what he did.
Professor Plum with the Wrench
-¼ Sweet red plum (then, sliced in three lengthwise)
-1 tsp Brown Sugar
-Dash of Lemon Juice
-2.5 Oz Sweet Bourbon (he used Corner Creek, but he’d recommend Woodford Reserve)
Place two slices of plum with the whiskey, lemon, and 1 tsp of Brown sugar in a shaker and muddle.  Put ice over the top and shake well. Then strain into a champagne glass.  Garnish with the last slice of plum and sprinkle a pinch of remaining brown sugar over the top.  Enjoy! :)
**French Phrase for Fun
Professeur Plum avec le tourne-à-gauche…mais dans quelle pièce??
Professor Plum with the wrench…but in which room??

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