Cinnamon Cidercane Cocktail

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy. It hit a lot of places very hard (New York City is still out of power for goodness sake), but the fact of the matter is that DC proper was utterly unaffected. As a result, I got two slightly rainy and windy days off of work. I had almost forgotten the sweet excitement of a childhood snow day living on the east coast. (This sort of thing never happens in Southern California.)

So what does one do with two free play days?…make delicious fall cocktails, of course!

When everything was looking bleak, I called my parents who were staying in DC for a few days (admittedly not the best time for a visit), and when I mentioned to them the idea that Caitlyn and I had to stay in for a festive drink party, they were totally on board – one might even say encouraging :) Best parents. Ever.

Fun fact: liquor stores stay open on a hurricane day, but only for a limited time, so throw on any clothes that will withstand the weather, and get there before they close!!!

With Maker’s Mark in hand, the Cinnamon Cidercane was born. Some cider, a little consult from a cocktail enthusiast suggesting toasted cashews, some maple syrup, cinnamon, and bourbon, and you’re in business.

Here’s what we did!

Cinnamon Cidercane

Heat in a pot:

-Apple cider
-2 or 3 Cinnamon sticks (use about a tablespoon of powdered for a big pot if you don’t have sticks)

Toast in a dry pan:

-1/3 c. raw cashews

Once they start to brown, add until caramelized:

-1 Tbs. dark maple syrup

Once the nuts are cooled and crunchy, crush them with a knife, and toss a few in the bottom of a small mug. (They add a mild nuttiness and a fun treat at the end of your drink!) Add:

-1.5 shots bourbon

Fill the rest of the mug with the hot cider, garnish with an apple slice (this is key), and add more cider or bourbon to taste. Enjoy on a rainy day in good company – or fantastically wonderful, hilarious, and amazing company if you’re lucky like me :)

**French Phrase for Fun

Est-ce qu’on peut avoir des “jours de neige” tout le temps?!
Can we have “snow days” all the time?!

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