The 712 Cocktail

Here’s to holding onto the last days of summer before we greet the fall with open arms!  (Who’s excited for crunchy autumn leaves?! I will absolutely go out of my way to step on that leaf.) But summer was so good to us this year! :) Definitely a weird feeling working all the way through summer for the first time, but it still felt like summer! Let’s reminisce, shall we?

  • I went to New York where I saw the best view of the city ever
  • I went to the beach where I saw the most ridiculous tattoos in my life
  • I spent afternoons by the pool where I foolishly let my blindingly white…wait, can we say “fair”…skin get burnt to a crisp
  • I cooked for my co-op where I learned how do make raw, vegan meals
  • I went to Florida where I saw my family and relived my favorite childhood memories
  • I explored DC where I got caught in several sudden downpours – they really getcha…California doesn’t have that
  • I went hiking in the Shenandoahs where I scrambled through the aptly named “Rock Scramble”
  • I went to vineyards and to farmer’s markets where I tasted the very best that Virginia has to offer!

Ahhhh summer, I do love you! :) It’s been real.

Here’s the ultimate summer cocktail to help you savor the last days of summer. We’ve named it the 712 cocktail, and let me tell you, you have to try it. Seriously, don’t let the basil simple syrup throw you. It’s sweet and bubbly – it has Dos Equis, St. Germain (elderflower liqueur), and a basil simple syrup. Mix it up and enjoy it on the roof or your apartment or in your back yard!

Here’s what the 712 ladies did:

The 712 Cocktail

Heat in a saucepan over medium/high heat until the sugar is disolved, and the basil starts to lose its color:

-1 c. sugar
-1 c. water 
-1 bunch (about a cup) of fresh basil

Remove from the heat, transfer the syrup to a heat-proof dish, and let it cool.

Add into a large pitcher with ice:

-4 Dos Equis
-2 c. St. Germain
-1 c. of the basil simple syrup

Taste the delicious concoction, and adjust the proportions to your tastes – like it less sweet? Add another beer. Sweeter? Add a splash more of the St. Germain and the syrup. Here’s to summer!

Added bonus today – check out my little friend here…he gave me quite the start when I was pruning the tomato plants at the community garden today!

**French phrase for fun

Est-ce que tu aimes basilic? …Mais oui!
Do you like basil?…But of course!

6 thoughts on “The 712 Cocktail

  1. putting vinegar on your skin and letting it dry prevents peeling. I tried it the one time I got sunburned, and it works! I got it from a (I don’t want to be offensive, but…) white girl and it works for her too, I promise, and the smell goes away.

  2. Summer isn’t over yet! What about Outstanding in the Field in VA on the afternoon of Friday, Sept 28? Ther may not be 712 cocktails, but there will bgrains. We hope you’re still joining us!

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