How to Make Lentils Sexy and Other Fun Tips

I really struggled with my new recipe of the week this week, not because it was hard to find or not as delicious as I wanted it to be, but because it turned out to look, well, just brown. So this begged the question, how do I make my lentil salad recipe “sexy” – how do I make you want to read about my week and make you want to whip up this dinner recipe??

Well, first of all, I shouldn’t tell you that this isn’t the greatest date-night meal…it has curry in it…and onions. BUT maybe I should tell you how it’s incredibly flavorful – a flavor-explosion one might say! It’s got freshly grated ginger, cilantro, and lemon. Yummus, right? It’s also suuuuper healthy. Bonus! And how about I suggest that you just have this meal among friends or close family? That would definitely work. Notice I also jumped up the color by putting it on a bed of spinach and garnishing it with a little more cilantro?! (They do say you eat with your eyes first.) That was totally just for you – to catch your eye and make you think, “wow, those lentils look sexy!”

Did it work?! Do you want to make this lentil salad?

Well, either way, here are some other fun tips like I promised (a little cooking & a little life):

  1. Freeze orange juice in an ice cube tray, and use those little gems in your next round of mimosas. Seriously people, who wants a watered-down mimosa?! No one – they’ve been known to ruin a perfectly good Sunday Brunch.
  2. If you need your fresh garlic extra fine (almost to a paste), start by chopping it up finely (or putting it through a garlic press) and then add a pinch of salt to it and scrape the back of your knife firmly over it a couple times.
  3. When’s the last time you did something for the first time? Think about it. Make moves.
  4. Make an effort to do something that is going to make you really happy this week. — Whether it’s making specific plans for that trip you’ve been talking about going on or finally decorating your apartment…DO IT!
  5. Smile at a stranger. Seriously, you’ll make their day. Plus it’s like a little game- either they won’t smile back and you get to be that random friendly person (or think, “psht, fine!”) orrrrr they’ll smile back :) …Maybe I’m crazy, and this just entertains me.
  6. Don’t play games with people – just text/call him/her. Let’s not dance around it. Just do it.
  7. Lastly, wise words from the incredible Julia Child, “No matter what happens in the kitchen, never apologize.” :)

Here’s what I did with the lentils.

Ginger Curry Lentil Salad

**serves 3-4 people

Cook for about 25 minutes (or until tender but still firm) in salted, boiling water:

-Half a package of brown lentils (about 2c.)

While those are cooking, slice thinly into quarters:

-1 large white onion

Saute the onion in a little olive oil and salt over medium-high heat until they’re sweet and tender.

Then chop up:

-1/2 a bunch of cilantro
-1 clove of garlic (finely chopped)

Once the lentils are cooled a little (still warm is ideal) add to them:

-2 T. grated, fresh ginger
-the juice of one lemon
-1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil
-2 t. curry powder
-the cilantro
-the garlic
-the sauteed onions
-salt and pepper to taste

Mix it all up, give it a taste, adjust your seasonings as you see fit, and serve those sexy lentils! :)

**French phrase for fun

Les lentilles peuvent être sexy.
Lentils can be sexy.

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