Suzanne’s Lemon Thyme!

I’m a big believer in birthday week. Not just for me (although I did end up with birthday month once…that was perhaps going a little far), but for everyone! It’s something my family implemented in recent years, aaand I don’t hate it. You’re basically treated like a princess/prince for the whole week and maybe given a tiny little present leading up to the big day. And after I turned 21, I started making signature birthday cocktails!


I got to spend a couple of days with my mom down in Florida after her birthday last weekend, and I did buy her the most FABULOUSLY trashy earrings in keeping with the “here’s little something silly” tradition…let’s just say they’re BIG hoops (in the bamboo fashion, of course), in gold that the shop lady assured me will stay a long time, (let’s be honest, I’m not really worried about the longevity of these), AND they have the word, “LOVE” written across the middle. Yeah. That’s real life. And she wore them in public, because my mom is awesome like that.

Enough about the earrings, let’s get back to the booze…


I made my mom her very own Lemon Thyme cocktail! I started with a lemon and thyme infused simple syrup and added gin and fresh lemon juice. Pour it over ice, give it a stir, and toast the birthday girl! :)

Here’s what I did:

Suzanne’s Lemon Thyme!

Put into a sauce pan on medium/high heat:

-1 c. sugar
-1 c. water
-The zest of one lemon (peeled off with a vegetable peeler in long strips…we’re using them for garnish later!)
-8 sprigs of fresh thyme

Simmer that until the sugar is dissolved, and you can really smell the fragrance of the lemon and thyme. It’ll be 5-10 minutes. I took it off the heat once the thyme lost it’s bright green color. Let that cool.

Pour over ice:

-1 1/2 parts gin
-1 part of the simple syrup
-1 part freshly squeezed lemon juice

Give it a stir, and garnish it with our candied lemon peel – saved from the simple syrup, and a sprig of fresh thyme.

Then toast a special person in your life! :)

**French phrase for fun!

Santé, à la fille d’anniversaire!
Cheers! To the birthday girl.

4 thoughts on “Suzanne’s Lemon Thyme!

  1. You are awesome to keep the earring tradition going!…and then there are the cocktails. Too much fun for words. Love your blog! :-)

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