Speedy Fruit Pie and Summer Fun


I love summer. Summer has peaches and berries, baseball and outdoor concerts, cocktails on the roof, and fireflies and picnics. Joie de vivre at it’s finest!! This past week I managed to go on a beautiful hike with the UCLA alumni group, go to my first Nationals game, and go to a phenomenal DC farmer’s market. Take a look:


Mmmh!!! Seriously some of the best white peaches I’ve had in a very very long time. Sweet, juicy, and perfectly ripe – just what you dream of in a summer peach.

And a hike at the beautiful Great Falls Park with one of my best friends!

…the only problem with all of the wonderful summer activities?? IT’S WAYYYY TO FREAKIN HOT!!! Folks, I’m seriously struggling here. Struggles. This past week was rough – I almost didn’t make it through. Can we talk for a second about the humidity here? Ok, I know it has always been this bad, but I moved to California, got used to perfection, and am ruined for life. California gets hot, but never humid. It’s lovely. True, walking around a farmer’s market and going on a morning hike in 100+ degree heat…not the smartest of things, but hey, you gotta live your life, right?! (just hopefully not passing out from heat stroke.)

The other beautiful thing I did this weekend? I made my great grandmother’s summer specialty – Speedy Fruit Pie. It’s kind of like a cobbler, but less involved, and still oh so perfectly summer. You dot the baking dish with butter, make your batter, pour it on the bottom- crazy, I know (I always have to read that part of the recipe twice), then pile on two cups of sweet, juicy summer fruit of your choice, and bake it! …Again, turing the oven on to 350 degrees in the hot summer, not ideal, but I did wait until after nightfall.  And if you make yours with dark sweet cherries, your hands won’t look pretty after pitting them, but it should turn out something beautifully scrumptious like this!

See how the crust baked up around the fruit?! Mmmmh! Thanks family!!! Serve it up with vanilla ice cream, or if you’re like me and forgot it at the store, then a dollop of tart yogurt will work surprisingly well. (Disclaimer: I grew up with my grandpa and mom making this all the time, and I haven’t cleared the unveiling of the recipe, so you’re gonna have to shoot me a message if you’re DYING to know!)

GO! EMBRACE THE SUMMER!…but don’t die in the heat!

***French phrase for fun!

Les vieilles recettes de famille sont toujours les meilleurs.
Old family recipes are always the best. :)

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