Caitlyn’s Paninis

GUEST RECIPE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

When you forget to take a picture of the beautiful frosted brownies that you made for your coworker’s going away party, if you’re lucky like me, you have an AWESOME roommate who also creates deliciousness in the kitchen to provide material for a fun blog post.

Caitlyn created a fabulous panini which she has dubbed, “The Monster Mash,” ever so lovingly named after our little monster man- aka demon, aka Cujo the crazy dog and other names which may offend some eyes here. The panini all started with the homemade roasted eggplant and red pepper spread – the real star of the show – it was yummus (just like hummus). Spread that on thick onto your bread, stack it with a grilled portobello mushroom, tomato, and spinach. Then grill it up, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful dinner!

Thanks, love!

Merci, ma chou! :)

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