Milky Way Cake & The Little Things in Life :)

CAKE!!! You know that saying, “I love you like a Katie loves cake”? Wait… :) Well, I’m making it a thing. I do love cake, and you know how much I love to show my love and enthusiasm for all (especially silly) things. So little exciting highlights of the week (my joie de vivre at its finest!):

Yesterday, I’m not kidding you here, I saw a woman with a buzzed head that had a spider web design shaved into it! It was WILD! WILD! I also got my business cards this week!!!!! Got pretty excited about that too. Too much? Nah, I’m a legit working lady now! And I got to go salsa dancing – something about moving my hips like I’m not white as a marshmallow just makes me happy :)

Aaaand it was my lovely roommate’s birthday this week, I gave her some cake options, and she chose (oh so wisely) the Milky Way Cake! Nom nom nommm! Here it is for you to feast your eyes on! I melted the Milky Ways into the cake batter and made a chocolate pecan buttercream frosting! “Oooooo!”…is what I’m imagining you’re saying ;) The Milky Ways made it super dense and moist, and I mean buttercream is dih-viiine. I would eat it by the spoonfull if I didn’t have a birthday cake that needed frosting! :)

**French phrase for fun:

Profitez de gâteau d’anniversaire = c’est la joie de vivre :)

Enjoy birthday cake = it’s the joy of living

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