Oh So Risotto

I am oh so thankful to have such amazing friends in my life. One of them came to LA for a visit, and I was her first and most redheaded So Cal stop! :) Not only did we have a beautiful walk on the beach…

…but we were inspired on our walk to Trader Joe’s to make an exquisite mushroom risotto! (my first!!!) White wine, broth, arborio rice, porchini mushrooms, garlic, onion, parmesan, and looooootsss of stiring! :) And after about 45 minutes (tagging in and out of the stiring responsibilities) we were left with this rich treat.

nom nom nommmm :) (adapted from Tyler Florence)

Such a perfect day with someone I love so much made me genuinely happy that I feel like I really am embracing my joie de vivre – that’s my style. That’s how I live :)

**Fun French phrase:

J’ai fait quelque chose de fou et génial aujourd’hui!!

I did something crazy-awesome today!!

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