Truth: I Am Like My Birthday Cake.

Here’s a peek into my life via cake…

There’s seemingly not a whole lot going on there, but wait…it’s just like me: highly caffeinated, layered, a little crumbly in the middle, but sweet, and dark… Dark like my soul. (well, scratch that last part, but it IS delicious!)

Truth: I probably drink too much coffee (but I really just drink it so I can make jokes about how I like my coffee like I like my men.)

Truth: I have layers, but I like to think that they’re sweet like this cake.

Truth: I’ve got a lot going on what with moving, a new job, and trying to figure out life, so it makes me feel a little crumbly. (but on the honor system, this cake was actually really dense- not crumbly, but I didn’t love the idea of calling myself dense.)

Truth: I’m super sweet!…or at least I try. (the darkness only comes out during a full moon.)

So I made myself a birthday cake. It worked out perfectly- I needed to make a new recipe this week, and I love nothing more than people gushing about my delicious creations! :) Soooooooooooooo I scoured my favorite food blogs, and finally embraced this luscious coffee coffee cake from the Pioneer Woman. Your eyes don’t deceive you; that is a rectangular cake- ya make do with what you have! :D It was fantastic.

**French phrase for fun!

Vérité: cinq personnes m’ont demandé si j’étais française la semaine dernière!

Truth: five people asked me if I was French last week! :)

3 thoughts on “Truth: I Am Like My Birthday Cake.

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