A Little Something to Make Huge Sweeping Changes Less Scary

So I’m in the process of moving. Now that I officially got a job (yay!), it’s REAL. IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING! I’m very excited, but it’s also crazy! And my first major concern about the whole matter- a place to live?…nah. A second job to pay the rent?…meh. A one-way plane ticket?…(a close second). But my NUMBER ONE concern…do I bring all of my beautiful dijon Le Creuset cast iron cookware, my Cuisinart food processor, my Kitchen Aid?!!??!!

It’s obviously all stuff that I can’t reeeaaally live without, buuuuuuut they’re all BIG ticket items, and this is a pretty far move. I don’t really see myself packing all of that up in the two suitcases I’ll be bringing back with me…I would DIE. I’ll figure it out though.

And it’s rare I can’t fall asleep within a minute of my red head hitting the pillow, but these kinds of questions dancing in my head (sadly, not the same as sugar plums) have kept me up. But never fear, the Cocoa Cafe Delight is here to help sweeten and relax any evening!

I concocted this simple cocktail last week, and yum. It’s exactly what the ladies and I needed. It’s:

-2 parts strong coffee

-1 part milk

-1 part vodka (missing from the photo above, I know)

-1 part creme de cocoa

-2 spoonfuls of chocolate syrup

Stir with ice, and drizzle a little extra syrup on top for fun! :) Santé!

**My day in French:

J’ai eu l’entretien, obtenu le poste, et célébré avec un bon verre!

I had the interview, got the job, and celebrated with a nice drink!

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